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Important Tips For Parents

Make sure your child knows:

- Their phone number and address

- How to get in touch you at work, or another trusted adult

- How to dial 9-1-1

- Not to talk to strangers or accept rides from someone they don't know

School Bus Safety

If children ride a bus to school, they should:

- Plan to get to their bus stop early

- Stand away from the curb while waiting for the bus to arrive

- Board the bus only after it has come to a complete stop, and the driver or attendant has instructed them to get on.

- Only board their designated bus, and never an alternate one.

- Always stay in clear view of the bus driver and never walk behind the bus.

- Cross the street at the corner, obeying traffic signals and staying in the crosswalk.

- Never dart out into the street, or cross between parked cars.

What Drivers Should Know

Drivers should:

- Be aware that children are out walking or biking to school

- Slow down, especially in residential areas and school zones

- Know that yellow bus signals indicate the bus is getting ready to stop.

- Know that red flashing lights and an extended stop sign indicate the bus is stopped and children are getting on or off.

(NOTE: When bus lights flash red, drivers in both directions must stop their vehicles and wait until the lights go off, the stop sign is back in place and the bus is moving before they can start driving again.)

Additional Tips For Arriving To School Safely

- All passengers in a car should always wear a seat belt.

- Younger children should use car seats or booster seats until the lap-shoulder belt fits properly (typically for children ages 8-12 and over 4'9"), and ride in the back seat until they are at least 13 years old.

- Remind teen drivers not use their cell phone to text or make calls, and should avoid eating or drinking or any other distractions while driving.

- If riding their bike to school, students should always wear a helmet and ride on the right in the same direction as the traffic is going.

- If walking to school, students should only cross the street at an intersection, and use a route along which the school has placed crossing guards.

- Parents should walk young children to school, along with children taking new routes or attending new schools, at least for the first week to ensure they know how to get there safely.

- It is also best to arrange for the kids to walk to school with a friend or classmate.

As your medical group, we want to provide you with ways to better manage your health that are easy, convenient, and secure. PMG is proud to introduce the following tools to help our patients better manage their health with ease.

New, Faster, Electronic Check-In System

All PMG locations are now equipped with a faster, more accurate, and more secure way to check-in at your upcoming doctor's appointment. Phreesia is our new electronic patient registration system, which allows patients to verify and update their information, as well as make secure payments via a wireless tablet.

How to check in at your next doctor's appointment:

1. Simply pick up a PhreesiaPad from the front desk.

2. Edit and update your health records and information securely.

3. Electronically sign all forms and policies.

4. Even pay copays and balances all from the privacy of your own seat.

In-Clinic and Online Bill Pay Options with Phreesia

During the check-in process at your doctor's office using the PhreesiaPad, you will be presented with the option to set up an automated payment plan for any outstanding balances. Patients also have the option to save a credit card on file securely to conveniently pay out-of-pocket costs.

PMG has also partnered with Phreesia to offer a new Online Bill Pay system, where patients can make payments without having to call or visit one of our clinics. Simply visit our Pay Online Securely page, which can be navigated to from the homepage, and click the "Make a Payment" button to begin making your secure online payment. Through the Phreesia system PMG can also send payment reminders directly to your email inbox or via text, so your payments are always on time and just click away.

New Option to Receive Text Message Appointment Reminders

Never miss an appointment with Pioneer Medical Group text message reminders! Sign up for text messages with your clinic today to begin receiving text reminders for your upcoming appointments. Upon receipt of your appointment reminder text, you will have the ability to confirm or cancel your appointments as well.

It's easy to sign up for these helpful text messages.

1. Simply call your provider/s office and provide us with your cell phone number.

2. Text "Pioneer MD" to 622622 and you're all set!

Message and data rates may apply. Text HELP to 622622 to receive help, STOP to 622622 to opt-out. You can also visit for more information.

If you do not wish to opt-in to receive text message reminders, PMG will continue to notify you of your upcoming appointments through your original preferred method of contact. For more information about receiving PMG text messages, please call your local PMG clinic.

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