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PMG Employee Benefits

This web site provides an informational outline of Pioneer Medical Group's benefit plans and is not intended to be a comprehensive description. It is not intended to provide a complete description of each benefit.

Pioneer Medical Group seeks to attract and retain individuals who share our vision and who will make a significant contribution to our organization. Our employee benefits package includes a number of advantages for you and your dependents. (Employees are eligible for benefits depending on the employment status and the number of hours worked per week.)

Comprehensive Healthcare:

Benefits include medical, dental and vision coverage. There is a share of cost for you and your dependents.

Life and Disability Insurance Plans:

Benefits include life insurance to provide income to your dependents in case of your death and disability insurance benefits should you become seriously ill or injured and are unable to work. Optional coverage is available for dependents.

Time Off:

Benefits include paid time off for holidays, illness and vacations.

Cafeteria Plan, Flexible Spending Account:

Benefits include a dependent care savings account that allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for child or elder care expenses and a medical reimbursement account.

Retirement Benefits:

Benefits include a variety of funds including a 401(k) that enables you to save using pre-tax dollars. PMG will match dollar for dollar an employee defers up to 4% of the employee's compensation.

Pioneer Medical Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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