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Health Information

Advance Directives

Advance Directives are written instructions which communicate your wishes about the care and treatment you want if you reach a point where you can no longer make your own health care decisions.

For more information please visit Advance Directives


Asthma is a respiratory disease characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness, wheezing, and/or coughing caused by narrowing of the airways leading to the lungs. All levels of severity are serious. Asthma can be deadly if not treated properly. More than 5,500 people each year die from asthma.

For more information visit Breath of life.


An allergy is an unusual reaction to normally harmless substances (allergens) that contact the body surfaces. These surfaces include the eyes, nose, lungs, stomach, and skin. For more information visit The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology or contact Dr. Mark Baskin, our Asthma specialist.


AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. An HIV-infected person receives a diagnosis of AIDS after developing one of the CDC-defined AIDS indicator illnesses. An HIV-positive person who has not had any serious illnesses also can receive an AIDS diagnosis on the basis of certain blood tests. Visit for more details.


The American College of Cardiology Foundation has launched a new website for cardio health. The site helps you to learn how to prevent heart disease, what are the current test and treatments related to heart disease, common risk factors and tools to help you manage your condition. Visit for more information, or contact one of our cardiologists.


The uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells derived from normal tissues, which eventually can cause death by spreading from the site of origin to other sites. There are an estimated 200 different kinds of cancers.

For information on new developments in cancer field visit the National Cancer Institute


Diabetes may affect over 16 million Americans, however more than one third may not know they have it. The most common symptoms are: excess urination, thirst and hunger; also problems with fatigue, weight, healing, and blurred vision. The complications of diabetes often result in major disability and premature death but they may be delayed or prevented. For more information visit the American Diabetes Association

General Health Information

Maintained and updated daily by physicians and scientists at Mayo clinic the site gives easy to understand information on health conditions. Visit The Mayo Clinic for more information.


High blood pressure is often silent -- or without symptoms -- until a major problem develops. That's why it's essential to see your primary care physician for checkups on a regular basis. Such checkups can literally save your life. Your doctor can help you prevent high blood pressure or, at minimum, treat it at an earlier stage when it's easier to manage. For more information visit the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health


Do you want help scheduling your child's immunizations? CDC's National Immunization Program website has a scheduler to help you remember when to get which vaccinations for your child. For more information go to The CDC's KIDSTUFF Immunization Scheduler or Contact one of our Pediatricians.

Infectious Diseases

Diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungus. For more information on diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungus, go to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website

Merck Engage

A free on-line resource for healthy nutrition, health conditions and support for caregivers. For more information about Merck Engage, speak with your physician during your next office visit.

Vaccine Information

For each vaccine-preventable disease, there are answers to many questions about the disease and the vaccine found here. Vaccine safety, travel, bioterrorism, state laws and more is covered. Information for Public and Health Professionals is continually reviewed, examined, and updated for accuracy and timeliness. Vaccine Information
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