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Angelyn Moultrie-Lizana, D.O, M.S.

Angelyn K. Moultrie-Lizana, D.O, M.S.
Family Practice


CollegeCalifornia State University, San Bernardino
Medical SchoolWestern University of Health Sciences, Pomona
TrainingTucson General Hospital, Pacific Hospital of Long Beach
Board CertifiedAmerican Osteopathic Board of Family Practice

Angelyn Moultrie-Liana, D.O. M.S. has provided health care services in southeast Los Angeles County for over 20 years. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dr. Moultrie developed a strong interest in science and the human body while reading her mother's nursing magazines as a child. As an adult, she decided to apply this interest with a career in medicine. Her high degree of professional experience, and her emphasis on patient interaction and engagement, are an asset to patients at our Bellflower/Artesia clinic.

Dr. Moultrie earned her medical degree at the Western University of Health Science in Pomona. She completed her residency at the Pacific Hospital of Long Beach in 1989, and became board-certified in Family Practice in 1990.

Initially, Dr. Moultrie began practicing medicine on a military base in 1990 as a civilian contractor and admired the camaraderie of the service men and women. She respected their dedication to service and wanted to be a part of this esteemed organization. Dr. Moultrie eventually joined the Navy as a reservist and continues to provide medical care to the service men and women of the Seventh Fleet and at other locations when called to serve. Dr. Moultrie is currently a Captain in the United States Navy.

One challenge Dr. Moultrie faces in her daily practice is helping patients make the necessary lifestyle changes to protect their health. "A lot of patients have trouble staying invested when dealing with chronic conditions like diabetes," says Dr. Moultrie. "The treatment plan for most conditions are on-going and requires each patient to monitor their health each day. Sometimes patients forget why their daily treatment is so important."

Dr. Moultrie recommends to all patients that they practice preventative medicine by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and see their doctor annually for preventive screenings. She often tells patients to exercise regularly, watch their diet, maintain a healthy body weight, and avoid smoking cigarettes.

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